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Showcase Locations is a location service that represents properties of architectural interest in the Las Vegas area for print, commercial, TV and feature film shoots. We feature a wide range of private locations, most of them exclusive listings. Photographers, magazine editors, art directors and producers and producers rely on our company to show them the finest locations when they are planning a shoot. With 18 years under my belt as a successful fashion photography producer, I have parlayed my experience and keen acumen into a unique location service that is unparalleled in Las Vegas. My family have been Las Vegas residents for almost 30 years and my knowledge of the city, its vast resources and my passion for architecture all combine for a unique, professional experience. I've seen Las Vegas grow exponentially and the entertainment industry is certainly taking part in its emerging success by planning more shoots here than ever. Most directors and photographers capture the vast beauty of Nevada's landscape and leave without having any sole resource for private properties to augment and enhance their visual story. I have formed trusting relationships with the Nevada Film Office and Las Vegas' premiere location scouts to uncover the city's most unique, extraordinary properties under one umbrella.

If you are a client, Showcase Locations makes searching for a location as easy as possible. All of our properties are digitally photographed in color and organized in a concise format that is universally understood in the film, television and print industry. All properties are viewable on line. You may contact the office with your specific needs and we are happy to propose the most suitable properties that meet your requirements. Our location contracts are very specific in addressing and tailoring to the needs of both the production and the homeowner. A trained Site Representative is present at all times during a shoot, acting both as our company's representative and the property owner's.

If you are a property owner and have agreed to representation, we set up a convenient time to photograph the house (at no cost to you) and digitally file them on our Showcase Locations website. If booked, all shoots involve a thorough location contract, $1 million certificate of insurance and a sizable security deposit.

If you are interested in showcasing your property with Showcase Locations, please contact us at any time to set up an appointment.

Lisa Grezo | 213.300.1328 | payments | [email protected]